Meet Team Dane

Meet Deputy Scott Herrem

Photo of Scott Herrem

In November 2001, I joined the Sheriff's Office as a Sheriff's Aide. In that position, I was able to observe the tasks of the deputies and decided I wanted to join up. I was sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff in the fall of 2003. I am currently assigned Support Services where I'm assigned as a Support Enforcement Deputy.   I work to locate and apprehend offenders who have failed to pay child support.   I also work a few days per week in a relief spot in the Family Court Commissioner Center, providing security.

I also work as a recruiter for the Sheriff's Office, which has afforded me the opportunity to travel throughout the Upper Mid West.

I enjoy representing the Sheriff's Office in local events such as "Juneteenth" and "Africa Fest." On a personal note, I have made an effort to increase my fitness to become healthier and to be a better deputy. Since December 2007,   I have lost 88 pounds, and I intend to lose 20 more.

Deputy Scott Herrem

Meet Deputy Michelle Vinney

Photo of Michelle Viney

I've been with DCSO for nearly four years. I'm a "late bloomer" to this career. After 9/11, I returned to college majoring in C.J.- inspired to follow my lifelong dream of being in law enforcement. I have an extremely supportive family, encouraging me every step of the way.

What attracted me to Dane County was the variety of assignments available both long and short-term. I am a part of the following: a Recruiter, on the Special Events Team, a Jail Training Officer, a Mentor to applicants going through the hiring process, on 3rd shift Task Force, a Background Investigator, Jail Diversion and now a contract deputy with the Village of Black Earth.  These assignments, as well as future ones, will aid me in my long-term goal of becoming a Detective.

I am married with four sons. Two of our sons are in college with C.J. majors; our other two sons are in high school. I enjoy spending as much time with my family as possible: camping, family game nights, and attending sporting events.     

I also enjoy reading, police patch trading, traveling and having neighborhood get-togethers.


Meet Deputy Andy Barth

Photo of Andrew Barth

I began my career with the DCSO Jan. 31, 1994, a little over a year after finishing college, which began at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and ended when I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in December 1992.

During my time with Dane County, I have been assigned almost exclusively to Security Services. After the State academy, jail school, and in-house training, I started working 2nd shift and stayed there for over four years. I later switched to 1st shift and was there up until 2016 when I transferred to the Bailiff's Office.

Some people may question why I remained in Security Services so long, working in the jail for nearly 15 years, when there are a wealth of options I could have pursued. The jail is an excellent place to learn, make contacts, and gain confidence. The bottom line is that it is my personal choice to work in the jail.

The DCSO provides many different work opportunities, yet staying in Security Services, working 7a-3p, allowed me to explore one of my lifetime ambitions: music. I play bass in two local cover bands, LUBE with fellow deputy Nick Hanushewicz and SP1 with my wife. My schedule and the flexibility to work overtime essentially when I choose to allow me freedom in my time away from the job. Playing music is a great stress reliever after a difficult day!

We are fortunate to enjoy the great camaraderie at the DCSO. Not only do I have the support of my colleagues while at work, but they are very supportive of my music endeavors as well, from the newest deputy up to the Sheriff himself! I am proud to call myself a Dane County Deputy Sheriff, and I work with the best people in the world.

Deputy Andy Barth