About the Sheriff's Office

With a proud history of over 175 years of service, the Dane County Sheriff's Office is looking for strong women and men of diverse backgrounds to join our team. We are a community based Law Enforcement agency of over 450 sworn staff and over 120 non-sworn staff.

The department is broken into 4 major divisions, each is headed by a Division Captain.

Administrative Services (Personnel and Training) responsible for all administrative functions to include employee issues, training, budget, procurement and payment of equipment and supplies, scheduling and payroll.

Field Services (Patrol and Detectives) emcompasses most of the traditional law enforcement functions for the Sheriff's Office, including Patrol, Investigative Services, Dane County Regional Airport security and Marine and Trail Enforcement Bureau, as well as contract policing.

Security Services consists of three facilities and our Jail Diversion programs.


Support Services  includes the Bailiffs, Court House security, civil process, foreclosure sales, records and equipment/supplies.

Deputies may also be selected to be a member of a specialized team. These teams are in addition to your daily assignment and require specialized training and dedication. Some of the specialized teams are as follows:

  • TRT - Tactical Response Team (special weapons and tactics)
  • HDU-Hazardous Devices Unit  (formerly EOD/bomb squad)
  • SET- Special Events Team (crowd control)
  • K-9
  • Dive Team
  • Crisis Negotiation Team
  • Honor Guard
  • SAW Team -Security Services.
  • Crash Reconstruction Team


In addition to the specialized teams, there are excellent opportunities for promotion. Security Services offers Brooke in jail

promotions to the rank of D-III (Booking Deputy).   

Executive Services offers promotion to D-IV (Training Deputy). Field Services offers promotion to DIII (Marine and Trail Enforcement) and D-IV (detective).

Support services offers promotion to DIII (Court Officer & Civil Executions) and D-IV (Crime Scene Investigator).There are also promotional opportunities

to in all divisions to Supervisory Staff. Currently we have thirty Sergeants, fifteen Lieutenants, four Captains and a Chief Deputy.

Deputies are eligible for applying for promotion to DIII or DIV after 2 years of service. Deputies must complete 4 years of service to be eligible to apply for promotion to Sergeant.

Application for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant requires attainment to the rank of Sergeant.