Tactical Response Team

The Dane County Sheriff's Office Tactical Response Team (TRT) is an on-call tactical unit that currently consists of 20 deputies, detectives, and supervisors. All are full time employees and their job location ranges from a Jail Deputy up to Administrative Lieutenant with Law Enforcement experience from 4-24 years.

In addition to these 20 members we have two sworn officers from McFarland and Maple Bluff. They are trained to the paramedic level and act as our Tactical Medics.

There are also two members from the Sheriff's Office K-9 unit that are trained in basic SWAT tactics that may be activated during call outs. They provide perimeter security or will assist with entries, based on team needs.

Tactical Response Team members train 8 hours a month. They are also given a 5-day block of training in the spring and fall. Training during this time has been done at Fort McCoy, Volk Field, Milwaukee, and around Dane County. In addition to the monthly training individual/team members go to numerous seminars and training courses offered in Wisconsin and around the Nation.