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Are You a Certified Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officer?

Dane County offers a very competitive hiring package for pre-certified law enforcment officers. If you are ready for a change, while enjoying increased pay and great benefits, it's time to give the Dane County Sheriff's Office a closer look. If you are already a certified law enforcement officer in Wisconsin, we recognize that your years of service are valuable. We offer a very generous  hiring package for Certified WI Law Enforcement Officers. Not only will you start at a higher rate of pay, but you will enjoy longevity and educational incentive on top of that hourly rate. 

Being a Dane County Sheriff's Deputy will challenge you while giving you opportunities to do more. The variety of assignments available at the Sheriff's Office means you will be constantly learning and growing. 

Sick Leave Match

Full-time WI Certified Law Enforcement Officers who are hired with Dane County as Deputies will receive an hour for hour match of their sick leave balance up to 1800 hours for time lost due to a lateral transfer.    

Sick leave balances are cashed out upon retirement and placed in a health savings account which allows retirees to use the money to pay for health insurance and other health related expenses. See DCDSA collective bargaining agreement for details.

Longevity Matters

Your service at your current agency has value!    Those years of service can be converted into longevity credits with Dane County.    Hourly pay, incentive and vacation credits are all based on your longevity credits

  • Starting hourly pay up to $38.27 depending on years of service
  • Longevity pay on top of your base wage 3-15% starting with 5 years of service. 
  • Educational incentive pay begins immediately with a minimum of 2 years of service with your current agency.   
    • 12-22% depending on your degree   
  • Vacation credits start at 80 hrs per year for new hires
    • With your longevity you could earn up to 280 hrs of vacation per year (max based on 21 years of service)


*longevity credits do not impact agency seniority.  Seniority is based on hire date. See DCDSA collective bargaining agreement for details.

Pre-Service Applicants

If you are pre-certified to become a Wisconsin Law Enforcement officer, or are certified and currently working part-time as a Wisconsin Law Enforcement officer,  you can start at a higher pay rate.

  • Receive 13 longevity credits on your hire date
  • Start at Step 2 of the Deputy I-II pay scale 
  • Start earning Education incentive pay after 1 year as a deputy
  • Receive longevity pay after 3 years as a deputy (typically starts after 4 years)